Inspiring clothing for every dad looking to keep running for their family...

My Dad Runs was started by a father who believes running can play an important role in helping focus on what matters most in life – our children. Our goal is to build a community of like minded dad’s trying to stay in shape or get back in shape for themselves and their kids.

Give All You Can

Every day we at My Dad Runs believe there is a choice we can make and a major component is motivation. For us here is simple, the ability to run with or for our children.When you are getting to go on business trip pack our shirt. Replace your standard solid color running T and wear something with a purpose.

Our sweatshirt will become your favorite for those relaxing hours of the day. After a run, at a coffee shop, at your kids sporting events or at the neighborhood BBQ. Be proud to be a running dad! 

The Motivation

I have been running for 25 years, 5K’s to ultra-marathons. Since becoming a father the idea of “give all you can” has changed a lot for me. Downtime is limited but staying in shape is more important than ever. Even if it is 30 minutes before dinner, I will run. If I am in overseas for work & jet-lagged, I will run. If my daughter is up at 5am and wanting to go with daddy, I will run with her.

Whether you run a mile or 20 it doesn’t matter. Knowing that you are Giving all you can is all that matters for you and your children who depend on and need their dad around for the long haul.