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International Running Bucket List

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For work I have been very fortunate to travel extensively international; from London to Singapore and pretty much everywhere in between. The following 5 routes are ones that I personally have run and cost nothing! Well, except getting there of course.


Where: Outside Tokyo (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Important Information: Hiking season is open only from July 10 to September to 10th

Personally, summiting Mount Fuji was the single hardest endurance activity that I have completed and I have run Boston 5 times and participated in an ultra-marathon. Summiting Mount Fuji will take a full two days (up and down) and require at least moderate hiking experience. Any easier approach is to run the base of Mount Fuji instead. The trail is crushed mountain rock and many, many runners will be on the trail. Take the JR East train from Tokyo and then transfer to Gotemba station. There are buses that run from this station to the mountain.


Where: Central Tokyo

Important Information: Otemachi Station is the closet subway stop. Note, you cannot run inside the imperial palace and you will be asked to walk by guards if you do.

The number location to run in Tokyo. Like many large cities there is a not a lot of spots that you can that aren’t interrupted by stop lights. Luckily for you, this is one of them! The running course is a little over 3 miles with enough space for hundreds of runners at the same time. Close enough to cool neighborhoods the Akihabara and Ginza to spend for a cool down stroll.


Where: Central London

Important Information: There are many connectors along the River Thames and make sure you coordinate your route ahead of time

My senior year of college was spent in London where I was luckily enough to train with the college rowing team. Spending mornings rowing on the Thames is an experience that I still remember all of these years later. If you are looking for a neat 4 mile loop then run along the South Bank until you get to the Tate Modern Museum. Cross over the Millennium Bridge and then loop back to Westminster Bridge


Where: Reservoir Road Singapore

Important Information: It is really hot in Singapore so run in the morning!!

My work travels bring me annually to Singapore and the locals told me about MacRitchie Nature Trail. Depending on the season after 10am it is really too hot to run on the island so make sure to hit it early. A nice loop to run along that includes a pomade and connecting canopy trails. One of most unique experiences was running along this trail with monkeys running next to me on both sides.


Where: Doha, Qatar

Important Information: If you are traveling alone in this foreign country make sure you alert the hotel you are going for a run and give you expected time back.

You won’t find the Corniche Promenade on many running websites but take it from me it is a must do for any runner. The route is a 3.5 mile-long waterfront track that stretches for the entire length of Doha Bay. Palm trees, tiny ships and camels, yes camels line the promenade. A running experience that you will not soon forget!


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